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Arhives - Acta Universitatis Bogdan Voda

"Acta Universitatis Bogdan Voda - SERIES PRO JURE" was a specialized legal journal exclusively dedicated to legal professionals. It was an academic publication of the Law Faculty at Bogdan Voda University. The journal focused on presenting scholarly articles and research findings in various branches of law, contributing to the advancement of legal knowledge and practice.

"Acta Universitatis Bogdan Voda - Series OECONOMICA" was an academic journal aimed at professionals in the economic sciences. It was published by the Faculty of Economic Sciences at Bogdan Voda University in Cluj-Napoca. The journal served as a platform for disseminating research and insights across a broad spectrum of economic topics, supporting the development of economic theory and its practical applications.

ACTA UNIVERSITATIS – SERIES Educație Fizică și Sport (en. Physical Education and Sports)

Discover the Heritage of „ACTA UNIVERSITATIS - SERIES Physical Education and Sports”, published by the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports at Bogdan Voda University of Cluj-Napoca, served as a beacon of knowledge within our university from 2001 to 2014. This journal, directly overseen by the University Rector, released 9 issues during its run, featuring abstracts in English and texts in Romanian.

ACTA UNIVERSITATIS has now evolved into the CLUJ UNIVERSITY JOURNAL. INTERDISCIPLINARY: SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES, continuing its legacy of bridging academic disciplines and fostering research, for all the 3 faculties of the Bogdan Voda University of Cluj-Napoca.

Published: 2024-05-07
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